What do you think our world needs most? I’ve been thinking about this question all day. The more I ponder, the more the word “hope” keeps rising up within my mind. I think when we have hope that is founded in an infinite place of eternity not bound by timeContinue Reading

A humanitarian disaster is unrolling in the #Pokot #Kenya Dictatorship. The country's elite took time off to feast in Nairobi after launching the already discredited constitutional 'reform' proposals while thousands languished in horrendous conditions a @BBCAfrica report 👇🏿 pic.twitter.com/uwbNbmeTlX — Dictator Watch (@Citizen_Alert1) November 30, 2019 From ReliefWeb: Heavy rainContinue Reading

The largest earthquake to ever happen in Albania in recent history occurred early Tuesday morning. 4 deaths and over 150 injuries have been reported at the time of writing. #BREAKINGMagnitude 6.4 #earthquake occurs in northern #Albania with potential for major impacts pic.twitter.com/TvS5jvVORE — Force Thirteen (@ForceThirteen) November 26, 2019 #earthquakeContinue Reading