Author: Dylan Raines

I am on a mission to walk every country on earth to serve and love people in need of hope.

Kindness is Contagious: Dylan Raines’ Walk featured in The Forum Newspaper

Written by Nicole J. Phillips  Imagine waking up Monday morning, ready for the work commute, but instead of sliding into your car, you slid into a pair of sneakers? You would walk out your front door and be greeted by everyone else in the neighborhood because no one was driving. You were all walking the […]

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Arrival in Los Angeles

Today I arrived in the “City of Angels”, Los Angeles, California at 7am. My 2 hour flight from Portland, Oregon was perfect timing to catch sun begin to peak over the horizon. [evp_embed_video url=”” autoplay=”true”] Flying always puts me in a place of reflection and consideration. When we take off I look at the ground […]

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Planetwalker Dr. John Francis: Walk the earth, 17 year vow of silence

One of my major inspirations in life has been Dr. John Francis. I first discovered his Ted Talk back in 2009 when I was researching people who have walked countries around the world. He spoke with such a joy and peace that truly resonated with me, and his life story as a “planetwalker,” his dedication […]

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To Los Angeles

A new adventure begins today! Last March I boarded a bus from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma to Salem, Oregon to do a two week tour of the entire State of Oregon with a prayer ministry who I’ve served with since 2015. I had no plan beyond those two weeks and little money, but I did know one thing – it […]

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A Step of Faith

In 2012 I was preparing to fly to Los Angeles without knowing anyone there, nor having any plan about where to stay, go or what to do. I simply knew that it was where “The Wind” was moving me to go with the simple purpose to walk, love and serve people. What’s a change you […]

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