Remembering those who don’t have life’s necessities on Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving, as I enjoyed a fantastic meal surrounded by friends and family, I thought about how many people around the world who lack enough food to eat every day to themselves lead a healthy life.

Later that night I walked by someone sleeping on the sidewalk of a busy street, and was reminded how much we have to do for those in greatest need.

So much of the time all I have to give someone in an unfortunate place in life is my time, me listening ears and compassion for their situation. I wish I had so much more to offer to help. I wish I could say “there’s a shelter down the street where you can find rest” or “there’s a place down the street that will give you food.”

I wish, I dream that one day no person will lack access to life’s necessities like food and shelter. This will always be a driving focus for everything I hope the meaning of my life will be.

I had a wonderful Thanksgiving, and I hope you did too. Let’s be thankful for what we have while expanding our hearts to extend love and compassion for those who so greatly need it.

– Dylan

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Dylan Raines

Founder of Humanitarian Explorer

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