Arrival in Los Angeles

Today I arrived in the “City of Angels”, Los Angeles, California at 7am. My 2 hour flight from Portland, Oregon was perfect timing to catch sun begin to peak over the horizon.

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Flying always puts me in a place of reflection and consideration. When we take off I look at the ground below as the automobiles and trees grow smaller in view. I think about how so often the problems of our daily lives can seem overwhelming and huge to our individual experience, yet when taking a wider above-ground view a sense of trust envelopes me as I see the grand scale of life which is transpiring beyond what issues may have my current focus. I see that I am one small part of a beautiful orchestra playing their tune, playing our tune of humanity.

I arrived safely at Los Angeles International Airport with a new day beginning. I always like to arrive in new places as early as possible to begin a full day of experiencing life in a new place as soon as I get there. The infamous L.A. traffic did not disappoint. It took about 90 minutes to get to my friend’s place, 20 miles from the airport.

In the afternoon my good friend Canaan took me to one of his favourite spots called Groundwork Coffee where I had one of the best Americano’s I’ve ever had the pleasure of tasting.

I hadn’t slept much the night before so I went to sleep pretty early that night. Now i’m ready and excited to see what day 2 in Los Angeles may hold…

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