To Los Angeles

A new adventure begins today!

Last March I boarded a bus from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma to Salem, Oregon to do a two week tour of the entire State of Oregon with a prayer ministry who I’ve served with since 2015.

I had no plan beyond those two weeks and little money, but I did know one thing – it was exactly what I was supposed to be doing. 

When we are fully walking out our purpose and calling in life, freedom comes like a wind that becomes the fuel and motivation to let go of fears and lies we’ve believed that would seek to place limits upon what we are willing to take action to accomplish. Every true purpose we have in life is related with serving others. And as we serve one another, we become united and empowered to see our dreams become reality.

The two week tour of Oregon concluded and I landed in Salem, Oregon where a community of people embraced me with love and honor. Over the past 6+ months I’ve learned a deeper meaning for the word “family” as being something that is unbreakable. I could never have imagined the joy and growth that would occur here through the many relationships which have formed. And although I am now starting to walk out my calling of (quite literally) walking every nation in our world, Salem will always have a feeling of “home” in my heart.

Today I am headed to Portland where I’ll spend the day, going to the airport late tonight to await a 5am flight tomorrow morning, bound for Los Angeles. I’ll arrive in LA at about 8am and begin walking the city.

I will spend the next couple of months traveling to cities across the USA, organizing walks to end poverty and connecting with people before going abroad to accomplish the mission of walking all 206 countries on earth.

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