Why Work to End Poverty?

There are many issues and problems in our world that people devote their work towards solving. From scientists working to cure diseases; philanthropists investing in education; ministers and spiritual leaders working to serve the needs of the heart.

During high school I began contemplating the state of our world; from the homelessness in my own country to the children dying due to starvation and lack of clean water, and I wanted to discover what the root cause of these conditions were. I wanted to discover what a true solution was that would get to that root of what I viewed as needless suffering, so that I could devote my own efforts towards seeing that solution grown.

In 2009 I traveled across the United States to meet those living on the streets, to simply listen to their stories about how they had gotten to where they were in life, and what they thought about the world. My intention was to buy meals for the hungry, believing that food was what they would want and need. What I discovered completely changed my perspective. The hundreds of people I would meet during that journey all had one need that was going unmet: Relationship. Some accepted my offer of a meal, but the majority simply wanted someone who would listen to them. Someone who would treat them with dignity as a human being of equal worth and value. Someone who would give them 20 minutes of their time to sit with them where they were. By doing that, hope and freedom emerged and in sharing those qualities, I found my own purpose in fulfilling the mission of working to end poverty.

I believe that poverty in our world is the visible part of the iceberg by which we can measure the health and quality of relationship we have as members of the human family. That is why our fundamental mission at Humanitarian Explorer and my global pilgrimage to every nation is to unite the human family in relationship around the cause of eliminating poverty.

Beyond whatever divisions we may currently have over politics, beliefs and other issues, most of us can all agree that wherever there is a child who is starving, they ought to be fed. Wherever there is a child who is forced to work as a slave, they ought to be set free. Wherever there is a woman who walks miles to retrieve contaminated water, ought to have access to clean and safe water.

What do you think about this?