A Step of Faith

In 2012 I was preparing to fly to Los Angeles without knowing anyone there, nor having any plan about where to stay, go or what to do. I simply knew that it was where “The Wind” was moving me to go with the simple purpose to walk, love and serve people.

What’s a change you made in your life that required you to have complete faith and trust that you were on the right path? How did making that choice workout for you?

I flew to LA back in 2012, a couple of days after this picture was taken. I landed around midnight, slept for a bit at one of the gates, then walked outside of the airport just before sunrise. I stuck my finger in the air and felt the wind blowing from south to north, taking that sign I began walking north. That summer I would continue walking hundreds of miles, through the coasts of Northern California and Oregon.

That was one of the most life changing season for me when I learned the value and empowerment that comes when living with the simple yet difficult to describe purpose of walking, loving and serving people.

A good reminder to myself as I prepare now to take this same heart global…

What do you think about this?