Reconnecting the Human Family begins with one small step…

What is unseen creates what is seen in the same way that silence provides the space for sound to exist. 
We observe poverty happening in our world by learning that nearly a billion people lack clean water and sanitation. Or when we pass-by those sitting on street corners of cities asking for “spare change”.
There are many examples which can be used to exemplify the forms of poverty which are seen. Yet these circumstances exist for millions upon millions because of an unseen relational disconnection among us as members of the human family.
We do not see the starving child around the world in the same way we see someone in our immediate family. What if we did?
We do not see the old man on the street begging for money as though he were our father or grandfather. What if we did?
How would seeing others as members of our family change the way we look at them? How would that change the way we treat them?
The immensity of the problem of poverty in our world causes many of us do nothing because it seems so big and has always existed, why try? It can understandably feel so large that our mind cannot comprehend what we could do possibly do that would make an impact.
I would propose that we can make a tremendous difference in a very real and fundamental way that will begin to erode the root cause of poverty in our world. And it’s actually one of the simplest things we can do: be a friend, if only for a brief moment. Walk your community. Walk your city. You will perhaps see many things you did not see before. You will see people you’ve never met before and might strike up a conversation simply from saying “hello” to someone you pass-by (even if they have headphones in their ears).
Reconnecting human beings with the human family starts occurring in the simple of act of seeing one another as who we are: beautiful creations, empowered by grace to live free and peaceful lives as we continue onward through our journey.
It only takes one small step to start making a large difference in the lives of others.

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