Walking the World for Human Rights Announcement

I am on a mission to walk every nation in our world to raise awareness and funds for humanitarian causes that work to help those in greatest need on Planet Earth.

I plan to begin this January by traveling to Iceland, Ireland, Scotland, England, France, Spain and Portugal, evaluating where to continue from there.

Walking to Connect.
In each country, city and community, I will walk for the purpose of connecting with people from all walks of life. Over the past 7 years I have walked thousands of miles around the USA, and have seen how many opportunities arise to deeply connect with people and hear their stories simply by walking an area for hours in a day.

Connecting to Discover.
Each person I connect with is an opportunity to share trust, love, peace, understanding and generosity through relationship. These are the qualities I believe can truly change our world. By asking questions and listening to the thoughts and experiences of the people I meet, I will seek to discover needs within communities and cities and share them with you to increase awareness and inspire action for helping others, no matter how far apart we might live, who are in need of hope.

Discovering to map and meet needs.
Throughout this global pilgrimage I will be partnering with nonprofit organizations and causes to create the world's first global map of every humanitarian project on Planet Earth. I believe that anywhere there is work being done to enable and empower people to have clean water, food, shelter or other essentials of life, it needs to be fully supported.

By walking places around the world to truly relationally engage people who currently suffer in the worst of circumstances, listening and feeling their humanity to share their stories with the world, I hope to be able to shine a light on needs and problems that can easily be solved if we would all come together to see human rights become established as a way of life for all people.

Long-Term VIsion.
Ultimately my long-term hope is that Humanitarian Explorer  would become a global organization of explorers, ambassadors of hope who travel the world to discover and meet needs and transform the lives of others for the better.

Thank you for reading about this next chapter in my life and I am incredibly grateful for the support of all those who value and believe in this calling, Please click here if you would to invest financially in the work I am doing.

Dylan Raines

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