Peace is Freedom.

Peace is freedom. Peace is a clarity of mind and vision which enables us to see one another for who we really are as beautiful creations of life. When we see that beauty within each one of us, we understand that we are not separate and division is dissolved. We see that humanity is one complete family in need of learning how to live with one another with peace that is always present.

War, anger, hatred, violence…are but the fruit of a lie which humankind has bought. It is possible for them to vanish in an instant, when we realize the peace we have access to actualizing within our hearts, feeding to our minds and expressing itself throughout the way we live, exists now at the tips of our fingers.

Truth produces peace. Peace is a fruit of genuine truth. Not somebody else’s truth that we believe. Not an organization or group we find acceptance from. Rather, the truth which produces peace comes from a deep knowing of relationship becoming our identity. Relationship with one another. Relationship with God. Relationship with the eternal. To be alive is to be in relationship with the world.

It is from the place of peace that all right action is born. Therefore, realizing deep inward peace may be seen as mankind’s highest of pursuits. Because what is within us is what inevitably creates the world outside of us.

We live on Planet Earth. This is our home. How are we taking care of our home? How are we caring for one another? We are all in this together. We need peace.

What do you think about this?