Calmness brings a clarity where better communication can take place

“If with a warm heart and patience we can consider the views of others, and exchange ideas in calm discussion, we will find points of agreement.”
His Holiness The Dalai Lama

It seems rather easy to allow anger and tension to overwhelm us today. Lies and misinformation seem to dominate what we hear come from those in power. This example we see from our leaders spirals down to the public, contributed to a challenge in having a beneficial discourse between ourselves who think differently from one another.

What if we take time to listen? What if we maintaining an awareness of responding to everyone with compassion? What if instead of seeking to get our point across in response to someone else, or trying to persuade them with facts, we ask them questions about why they think what they do?

We are only going to see true change happen if we are able to work together. If we ask each other questions – good questions – we can get down to the roots of why we believe what we do. Once we get to the roots, there is the possibility for change. But if we simply try to convince others that we are right, and they ought to see things our way, we will only work to further develop division within the human family.

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